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VELTEKO – Manufacturer of packaging machines and packaging lines

Ever since launching our first vertical packaging machine in 1994, our full concentration and R&D resources have remained exclusively on engineering, designing and manufacturing the highest quality vertical packaging machines on the world market. 


Packaging machines and packaging lines made-to-measure for you

Are you looking for a high-quality supplier of packaging lines, do you need packaging machines? Do you appreciate not only high-quality and long-time trouble-free operation of packaging machines and packaging lines, but also after-sales service? If you bet on efficient packaging lines within the framework of your production and pride yourselves primarily on efficient manufacturing processes, VELTEKO is the right choice. We will design the most suitable solution for you, we will ensure the complete delivery of packaging lines and packaging machines for you according to your requirements – have confidence in our knowledge and experience!

Why packaging machines and packaging lines by VELTEKO?

We have been engaged in the area of production of packaging machines and packaging lines since 1991. Beginning as a small firm, specialized in the Czech market, and thanks to the high-quality of our packaging machine, we have become real experts in the given field, which is confirmed by a number of contracts with customers in more than 30 countries worldwide including many large multinational groups.

The packaging machines and packaging lines from our production meet all requirements for modern commodity packaging.

All processes in the field of packaging machines, related to the design itself as well as to the manufacture of the packaging machines, are characterized by our innovative approach. The above mentioned approach is apparent mainly in final performance and efficiency that our packaging lines bring you within the framework of your production.

VELTEKO packaging machines and lines – simple and high-quality packing!

No matter what kind of goods you need to pack, we are ready to handle most of your specific requirements. With regard to the nature and type of your goods, we are able to provide you with the machines you need, perfectly matching your requirements.

When choosing a suitable solution for the area of packaging lines and packaging machines, do not conform to the possibilities of manufacturers and do not lower your requirements for packaging machines and packaging lines. Always demand a particular custom-made solution that will provide you with efficient production results. Seek complete service, including employee training and also prospective modernization of packaging machines and packaging lines. Doing so is the only way you can be satisfied with your packaging machines and lines for a long time the same way our current customers are.

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