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Mission Statement

“VELTEKO is a European manufacturer of high-tech packaging machines that are proactively engineered so each individual customer around the world is provided with a versatile, high performance, and reliable packaging solution customized for their needs.”




Innovation and Evolution

2014 was truly a landmark year in the history of Velteko. To help meet our goal of supporting and increasing visibility of the brand on a global level, a new Velteko logo and corporate identification design were created and launched in January. The new Velteko HSV 280 Series of vertical packaging machines, which is the improved and refined evolution of our popular HSV 101 series, was introduced on the world market and further strengthened the industry-leading feature of all Velteko packaging machines - Versatility. Three innovative Velteko-patented reclosing systems – “Grand Opening”, “Roll Tie”, “Cross Tie” - and one Velteko-patented bag –  “Pirouette Pouch” – were successfully debuted at the Interpack Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany. And finally, the bestselling bag format on all our packaging machines remained the doy-style standup pouch.


New Administrative Building
This year marks the most recently completed construction at the VELTEKO complex.  The recently opened modern administration building houses the VELTEKO R&D and commercial departments.  The production line is also expanded during the year to include the new “create and close” US 100 vertical packaging machine.   


Entry of industrial computers
One example of the many technological advances made by VELTEKO since its founding is its leap from PLC control systems to industrial computer control systems for its packaging machine solutions.


Technological leadership
VELTEKO is written into packaging machine history when it is one of the first manufacturers in the world to design and begin production of a double-tube continuous operation vertical packaging machine - the HSV 220.


Global expansion
VELTEKO begins expansion into international markets by founding its first subsidiaries in Poland and Russia.  In 1999, VELTEKO POLAND is established in Poznan.  VELTEKO RUSSIA follows in 2002 and is headquartered in Moscow.

1996 - 1998

A new machine in a new manufacturing plant

More space is required due to the growing demand for its machines, so the owners of the company decide to build a new VELTEKO manufacturing plant from scratch.  Construction is completed in 1996.  VELTEKO obtains certification in the ISO 9001/2000 quality management system that same year.

In 1998, VELTEKO launches the HSV 200 continuous motion vertical packaging machine, which is a modernized version of its HSV 101 intermittent machine.  


First manufacturing facility

The leased production hall measures 12 x 12 meters and is the first home for VELTEKO. From the very beginning, research and development is the focus of its activities.  

The first permanent production machine from VELTEKO was linear dosing scales, which was followed by its first vertical packaging machine - the HSV 100.


Founding of the company
Members of VELTEKO management sign their first contract to deliver a machine. At this time, they have no production facilities or employees. Their vision is to produce high quality, high output machines with top levels of reliability. Within a few weeks, they settle into a leased production hall and welcome the first members of the VELTEKO team. Some of the original VELTEKO employees are still there today.

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