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Reselable flap

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Convenient and practical reclosing!

Double-sided adhesive tape ensures freshness while enabling quick and easy “access” to packaged product.

Packing in film bags with a reselable flap (type “G”) is suitable for non-powder products (grated cheese, dry fruits, pet food, coffee beans, etc.).

Velteko has developed the double-side adhesive tape system in cooperation with the European company Amcor Flexibles Europe Company. Stand up bags with reselable flaps (Velteko´s type “G” bag) are produced on vertical packaging machines.

“G” type bags are  patented by Amcor Flexibles under the name “Easy Pack” and can only be created if film from Amcor Flexibles is used.

Packaging machines suitable for equipping with device for making of re-sealable flap:

Re-sealable flap is suitable for bag types:

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