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Packaging machines (Wrapping machines)

Take advantage of our extensive range of vertical packaging machines, dosers and loaders. Contact us if you are looking for high-quality machines to pack your commodities. We will design the most suitable and efficient solution according to your specific requirements!

We offer you vertical packaging machines, packaging machine dosers and packaging machine loaders.


Consult with our specialist before choosing your packaging machine!

Contact us by e-mail or phone to consult with our vertical packaging machine experts. They will be happy to help you choose the machine which is most suitable for your packaging needs and requirements. Our specialists will use their experience and knowledge to ensure that your make the right choice.

Velteko packaging machines are suitable for packing your food and non-food products. We customize our machines to your specific requirements and assure your packaging machine effectively packages your product, whether you have basic or complex needs.

Comprehensive packaging machine solutions

Besides designing and manufacturing packaging machines, our services also include installation of the machines at your location, putting them into operation and training your personnel to operate the correctly.

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