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New products – Packing and packaging lines

20 Oct 2016

A brand new HSV 280 Series

Category: News in our products

Velteko once again proves its claim as the vertical packaging machine experts with the introduction of its newest vertical packaging machine – the HSV280B.  The new HSV280B has been engineered to deliver the power and... [more]

17 Aug 2015

Velteko HSV 210 SLIM for the snack industry

Category: News in our products

Vlasim, Czech Republic - August 17th, 2015 - Velteko introduced its new HSV 210 SLIM vertical packaging machine specifically designed to fulfill the needs of the snack food industry – high speed, reduced footprint and speedy... [more]

14 May 2014

Cross Tie and Roll Tie - Viable alternatives to Tin Tie on VFFS

Category: News in our products

Velteko HSV machines now offer customers two new tie systems for C, D and F bags that are viable alternatives to the TinTie reclosing system. The newly patented Velteko "Cross Tie" and "Roll Tie" reclosing... [more]

14 May 2014

Pirouette Pouch - Virtual motion packaging

Category: News in our products

Velteko brings packaging to a higher artistic level with its newly patented "Pirouette Pouch". The distinctly unique twisting package for A/C bags breathes new life into the presentation of your products. Created... [more]

3 Dec 2012

US 100 “Create and Close”

Category: News in our products

Velteko launches a new packaging machine line on the market called the US 100 “Create and Close”. This new range of US 100 “Create and Close” packaging machines, thanks to their modular design, are able to create up to 91... [more]

21 Oct 2010

New VFFS packaging machine with higher speed for lower price

Category: News in our products

Packaging machine HSV 120 CONTIUNAL DUPLEX is VFFS packaging machine with two forming tubes that pack in continuous mode with output rate up to 360 bags in a minute. [more]

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