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New products – Packing and packaging lines

1 Oct 2010

Vibratory dosing weighers

Category: News in our products

Line dosing weighers for packing of fine pieced and loose products have been innovated by new vibratory pans that can be removed without using of tools. Their sanitation has been simplified as well and their electrical equipment... [more]

13 Jul 2010

Improvement of filler DS1 for packing of sauerkraut

Category: News in our products

Thanks to a new conception of drives for particular functional parts of filler DS1 VELTEKO has launched a new dosing device marked as DS1A. The main difference between old and new one is in the speed of dosing. While filler DS1... [more]

3 Jun 2010

Composite forming shoulders

Category: News in our products

Company Velteko has just started to deliver its packaging machines with composite forming shoulders as standard instead of common used metal ones and so has got competitive advantage against other producers of packaging machines. [more]

14 Apr 2010

Auger Dosing Weigher HS.S1A

Category: News in our products

Fill accuracy is very often problematic by volumetric dosing of larger doses of dusty powders. This is caused mainly by variation of powder density of dosed products. This problem is substantially reduced by our new auger dosing... [more]

30 Mar 2010

Case packer VSK12-TWIN – one joint case packer for two packaging machines

Category: News in our products

VELTEKO has introduced a brand new case packer VSK12-TWIN. TWIN execution enables one case packer to be equipped with two input conveyors for twin infeed of bags, enabling the grouping of bags from two different packaging machines at one time.  [more]

18 Jan 2010

New serie of packaging machines HSV 120

Category: News in our products

Based on a big sale success of our vertical bagger HSV 81 we launch a brand new packaging machine serie for this bag size that will integrate packaging machines HSV81 with a few small modifications.  [more]

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