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New products – Packing and packaging lines

2 Nov 2009

Packaging machines for bags with valve applicator

Category: News in our products

The valve applicator, which effectively removes the problem with buildup of bags due the gas released from the packed products (f. e. coffee), is the novelty used on the vertical packaging lines with packaging machines VELTEKO. So the bag is not damaged and the packaged product keep its typical characteristics and value. [more]

10 Jul 2009

The Doypack with secondary closing by means of „Memory strip“

Category: News in our products

Velteko has launched a new application of the memory strip – this time, as the secondary closure of the Doypack type of bag also manufactured on the VELTEKO VFFS packaging machine.

Packaging with the use of Doypack bags is carried out on a standard VELTEKO packaging machine of HSV101B type with ancillary unit to make these bags.


12 Jun 2009

Sealing of PE films on packaging machine HSV 101B CONTINUAL

Category: News in our products

As a new possibility VELTEKO offers to its customer the sealing of PE films (mono film PE or shifted films PE/PE) on continuously working VFFS packaging machine HSV 101B CONTINUAL. The lengthwise seal on HSV 101B Continual is... [more]

5 Jun 2009

Bag closing machine US 60

Category: News in our products

The US60 is a newly constructed ancillary unit to the packaging machine HSV101B to make  “block“ bags. The unit can shake down the contents of the bag, form the bag to its final block shape, close seal the bag by sealing,... [more]

3 Apr 2009

New VFFS packaging machines HSV52A, HSV 52B

Category: News in our products

VELTEKO launches new vertical FFS packaging machines replacing the existing HSV50B machines and simultaneously enhancing their capabilities. The HSV52A machine is version for lower outputs, controlled by an... [more]

8 Jan 2009

HSV81 with an inclined filling tube

Category: News in our products

Company Velteko has extended the new series of vertical packaging machines HSV81 with a design having a filling tube deflected from the vertical axis. 


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