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New products – Packing and packaging lines

26 Sep 2008

Exhaustion of residual air from bags

Category: News in our products

Packing company VELTEKO has developed equipment that reduces residual air inside of big bags and simultaneously ensures hermetically closed package. Without use of this equipment there is a certain residual air in the bag that can not be mechanically  pressed up from the bag. When a such bag is horizontally laid, f. e. on a pallet, the packaging material on the upper side of bag does not lie on the product in the bag. [more]

8 Sep 2008

Conveyor weighers HS.P.A

Category: News in our products

VELTEKO extends its offer with a new type of dosing machine – with conveyor weighers.

Conveyor dosing weighers are suited for dosing of large volumes of small pieced products such as wooden pellets, pet food, granulated fertilisers, etc.


26 Mar 2008

New VFFS packaging machine HSV 101 B CONTINUAL

Category: News in our products

The HSV101B CONTINUAL bagger is another machine of the latest range of VELTEKO vertical FFS packaging machines.

The vertical packing machine HSV101B CONTINUAL is a continuously operating three-axis packaging machine with modular construction and most of the common components with the intermittent vertical packing machine HSV101B FLEXIBLE. The robust mechanical construction, the use of high quality materials, and brand-name components are the prerequisite for high reliability and long service life.


20 Feb 2008

New VFFS packaging machine HSV 81

Category: News in our products

The HSV 81 vertical packaging machine is the totally new unit that replaces the existing machine of HSV 80 series. Its design represents the synthesis of those designs proven through the previous series of these machines, and the new designs that bring higher utility value (serviceability) to their users. [more]

19 Feb 2008

New VFFS packaging machine HSV 101B FLEXIBLE

Category: News in our products

The packaging machine HSV 101 B is another evolution of the HSV 101 machines and, at the same time, the first machine of a new generation of vertical form-fill-seal packing machines VELTEKO.

The vertical packing machine HSV 101 B is an optimal choice when packing in different types of bags of volumes up to 5 litres and real output up to 100 bags per minute are required.


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