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Auger Dosing Weigher HS.S1A

14 Apr 2010

Auger Dosing Weigher HS.S1AFill accuracy is very often problematic by volumetric dosing of larger doses of dusty powders. This is caused mainly by variation of powder density of dosed products. This problem is substantially reduced by our new auger dosing weigher HS.S1A, which combines the proven principles of both volumetric and weigh dosing. The proven auger filler DOS 2A/B, is mounted in a special frame on a tensometer sensing element, which is the basis of the new Auger Dosing Weigher.

This combination system operates so that the doser is filled by product is initially weighted and after that the weigher starts to fill the bags or another package by standard dosing auger. The difference between initial and actual weight of doser is continuously followed-up during this operation. As soon as the requested dose is reached, the auger stops and the hopper of the doser is filled again by product and the doser is again weighed.

Auger dosing weigher HS.S1A can be used for dosing into all our types of
vertical packaging machines.

created by Omega Design