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Exhaustion of residual air from bags

26 Sep 2008

Packing company VELTEKO has developed equipment that reduces residual air inside of big bags and simultaneously ensures hermetically closed package. Without use of this equipment there is a certain residual air in the bag that can not be mechanically  pressed up from the bag. When a such bag is horizontally laid, f. e. on a pallet, the packaging material on the upper side of bag does not lie on the product in the bag.

But is lifted by the pressure of the residual air what leads to the following 2 problems:

1. The residual air inside of the bag causes instability of bag shapes during putting on palletes.

2. When the bags are laid on pallet the weight of bags in the upper shifts leads to increase of air pressure in the bags in lower shifts what can cause damage of the bag.

Standardly this problem is solved by punching of bag on one or more spots. But this is not possible if the customer requests hermetically closed bags.

Speed of this equipment on the HSV 50B is  from 5 to 10 bags / min depending on the product, dose and film.

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