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New VFFS packaging machine HSV 81

20 Feb 2008

The HSV 81 vertical packaging machine is the totally new unit that replaces the existing machine of HSV 80 series. Its design represents the synthesis of those designs proven through the previous series of these machines, and the new designs that bring higher utility value (serviceability) to their users.

VFFS – vertical form, fill and seal packaging machine HSV 81

Compared to the previous family of HSV 80 this involves the following in particular:

  • Standard stainless construction of packing machine
  • Max width of cross weld has been extended to 360 mm (max width of foil 800 mm)
  • IP 65 electric protection of switchboard
  • Design, adapted to the requirements to clean easily
  • Possible to make with low drop height
  • Possible to use film automatic centering.

Certainly, the certificate of characteristics as indicated below for the previous HSV 80 series, has passed over to this packing machine:

  • Controlling via touch screen
  • Simple mechanical construction of packing machine
  • High operating reliability
  • Cross jaws driven by cams
  • Undemanding in terms of adjustments or maintenance

Packing machine HSV 81 represents optimal option when bag-packaging is required up to the volume of ca 15 litres, or if you like, viable outputs of up to 70 bags/min.

created by Omega Design