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Vibratory dosing weighers

1 Oct 2010

Line dosing weighers for packing of fine pieced and loose products have been innovated by new vibratory pans that can be removed without using of tools. Their sanitation has been simplified as well and their electrical equipment has been substantially modernized. It concerns the model ranges HS352B, HS.22B a HS.42B. These fillers vary first of all by sizes according to the requested volumes of dosed products.

Today the vibratory dosing weighers are as standard produced with optical sensors of product level in vibratory pans and with electrical cabinet protection IP65. Fillers are controlled via a touch screen 6,5“ or terminal of packaging machines, that can control up to 6 various dosing (not only vibratory) weighers VELTEKO at one time. It is possible to control the most of accessories (such as automatic product infeed into hopper, etc.) from the terminal of weighers.

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