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24 Jan 2017

Discover the benefits of VELTEKO’s Powerseal technology

Category: News

Emphasis on our own R&D and innovative high-tech solutions for the individual needs snack product manufacturers, combined with their feedback, have enabled VELTEKO engineers to create the high quality SLIM series of vertical... [more]

12 Oct 2016

Versatility of VELTEKO vertical packaging machines

Category: News

One machine for your current and future demandsThe purchase of any packaging machine is an important decision.  It not only needs to meet your current requirements, but also the future, unforseen requirements of an... [more]

15 Sep 2016

Continuous stand up pouch production on VELTEKO vertical packaging machines

Category: News

There’s a war being held on store shelves around the world! A fight between colors and graphics that help products in standup pouches stand out from their competition. VELTEKO now offers you a completely new weapon that gives... [more]

19 Sep 2016

VELTEKO Dataservice - Two-way remote communication with your machine

Category: News

VELTEKO Dataservice now allows you to use the data generated during operation of your machine for inspection and management of production and/or machine diagnostics. Discover the advantages of our two core packages - Dataservice... [more]

17 Aug 2016

Cross over to an improved reclosing system

Category: News

Extend the functionality of your bags with VELTEKO’s newly patented "Cross Tie" reclosing method offered exclusively on VELTEKO vertical packaging machines. Thanks to the "Cross Tie" reclosing system, you have... [more]

19 Jul 2016

Proven reliability and a long service life

Category: News

Reliability and a long service life are two of the most important qualities for packaging machines to possess. VELTEKO are well aware of this fact and have consistently focused on research & development, world-class... [more]

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