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15 Jun 2016

"Pirouette Pouch" makes your product remarkable

Category: News

Let your product dance into consumers’ hearts with the asymmetrical "Pirouette Pouch" created on VELTEKO packaging machines. Because of its unusual and playful design, your packaging transforms into a work of art.... [more]

15 Jun 2016

Maximum performance in a small footprint

Category: News

VELTEKO, the vertical packaging machine experts, offers some of the fastest solutions for packaging your products. All continuous vertical packaging machines from VELTEKO use so-called 3-axis machine drive. Thanks to this... [more]

18 Apr 2016

25 years of experience in the development and manufacture of vertical packaging machines

Category: News

As we celebrate a quarter century since Velteko’s founding, we will take this unique opportunity to look back and recall its early beginnings.It's been exactly 25 years since the moment when two entrepreneurs, Ing. Petr Hrdina... [more]

15 Apr 2016

Pristine packaging of frozen raspberries

Category: News

Packaging fragile frozen fruits, especially raspberries, is one of the most difficult tasks packaging machines face.  That’s why Velteko has devoted an enormous amount of time and energy to developing a revolutionary frozen... [more]

17 Mar 2016

Velteko in the world of coffee and tea packaging

Category: News

Velteko, a European manufacturer of packaging machines and packaging lines, offers far more than just attractive packaging, which is responsible for up to 35% of purchase decisions. Provide your end customers with interesting and... [more]

16 Feb 2016

VELTEKO welcomes a new French distributor

Category: News

VELTEKO welcomes the French company Sodima to its global Distributor network that is steadily extending. Frederic Chevreteau, Sodima Sales Director, talks to us about his new partnership with Velteko: Why did you choose to... [more]

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