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11 Jan 2016

Interactive manuals for Velteko vertical packaging machines

Category: News

Velteko has launched their new, interactive electronic packaging machine manuals, which provide customers with easy to follow instructions for their uniquely built vertical packaging machines.Don't waste your time reading printed... [more]

14 Dec 2015

Making your fragile products seem unbreakable

Category: News

From the oven, through the packaging line and finally into the bag is a constant dance with danger when working with fragile products.  Chips, biscuits and other easily breakable foodstuffs require extremely special care... [more]

9 Dec 2015

Easily control Velteko’s powerful packaging technology

Category: News

Velteko constantly strives to make their cutting edge vertical packaging machine technology easier to control for busy machine operators, while optimizing their time. To this end, Velteko introduces its new “VisualControl 3.0”... [more]

9 Nov 2015

A new type of reclosable zipper that mimics Velcro

Category: News

The popularity of zipper reclosing systems is a trend that is likely to continue in the future. Due to the demand of this type of reclosing system, zipper manufacturers come to market with new types of zipper systems each... [more]

2 Nov 2015

Velteko knows standup pouches – inside and out

Category: News

The standup pouch is a modern packaging phenomenon that is getting more and more popular each year.  Intuitive opening, easy reclosing and excellent storage properties are why consumers love them so much. They are also a... [more]

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