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Velteko constantly strives to make their cutting edge vertical packaging machine technology easier to control for busy machine operators, while optimizing their time. To this end, Velteko introduces its new “TGI 3.0” (machine control application) that serves as an interface between operator and machine. All improvements to this new version of the software are based on customer feedback.

Visual features a new, clean graphic interface that offers trouble-free and intuitive operation of all first level controls, faster loading of individual user programs, and quick access to program information such as production and operation statistics that are now exportable to HTML format.

Its “smooth touch” scrolling menu provides improved interaction with the machine, while saving valuable screen real estate. Important information and images from IP cameras (if installed on the line) are easily accessed directly from the home screen.

Its customizable user interface features a new keyboard that makes it easier to input text with accents or special characters. Each program also contains a note feature, which allows you to save important information within the program.

TGI 3.0 is now available on all new and previously manufactured Velteko vertical packaging machines controlled by both of their operating systems - Beckoff and Allen-Bradley.

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