Exclusive Velteko packaging line solutions


Demanding requirements for the challenging packaging of a larger volume of tea pyramids into two types of bags were given by our progressive customer Baliarne obchodu a.s., Poprad.

After considering all parameters from vertical packaging machine specialists, Velteko offered its customer a unique, versatile solution, which was a complete Velteko packaging line that allowed them to pack a considerable volume of product into two types of sealed-edge stand-up pouches at the desired output of 30 bags / min.
The effectiveness, reliability and versatility of Velteko‘s packaging solutions are factors that strengthened the position of Baliarne obchodu, a.s. as a leader in its market for tea and coffee.

The achieved results and highly prized value for the customer include:
- Reduced time for changeovers between different types of bags
- Small footprint,
- Versatile design that enables packaging with all required bags on one packaging line
- Unique appearance of the final bag.


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