Interactive manuals for Velteko vertical packaging machines

PL Manual PC

Velteko has launched their new, interactive electronic packaging machine manuals, which provide customers with easy to follow instructions for their uniquely built vertical packaging machines.

Don't waste your time reading printed manuals

Conventional, printed manuals have a large amount of written descriptions for various groups of machine functions. The universality of the manual targeted at professionally trained staff, and more complicated logical transitions between particular sections, were the major factors for changing our approach.

Each manual is unique

Every customer now receives an interactive, electronic manual that corresponds to the unique, custom-configured Velteko vertical packaging machine they have purchased. In the case of retrofitting a machine with additional modules extending its functions, the customer‘s manual is always fully updated by Velteko.

The interactive version provides users with an easy to follow manual and a quick transition between sections. A significant benefit for users is the very clear, illustrative view of individual functions of the packaging machine that are divided into groups. The customer is presented with an illustration that has simple and clear instructions, which lead them step-by-step.

The priority for Velteko is to provide its customers with a manual that comes in three versions and multiple languages.
1.Velteko places particular emphasis on the version with HTML files, which has been created for electronic devices (PC, iPad, etc.).
2.The second version is a manual that now comes standard on the terminal of the packaging machine, allowing easy access for the operator.
3.The last version is a PDF document, which is provided upon request.

It's up to the user which version of the manual they will use.


PL Manual PC

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