Making your fragile products seem unbreakable

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From the oven, through the packaging line and finally into the bag is a constant dance with danger when working with fragile products. Chips, biscuits and other easily breakable foodstuffs require extremely special care during the production and packaging process to keep their structure intact

As one of the world leaders in packaging fragile food products, Velteko has called on its decades of experience to engineer a vertical packaging machine optimized for the soft and careful handling of your easily breakable products - the US100 Create & Close

The unique design of the US100 Create & Close allows for high performance handling of your most fragile products without breakage or creating a bagful of crumbs. Minimal drop heights into a soft touch optimized multihead weigher ensure fragile products maintain their structure. The final dosing of product into the bag is also carried out from a reduced height to greatly reduce any chance of breakage. 

Once safely and securely packed, the US100 gently handles your bags and moves them through the final part of the packaging process.

The US100 Create & Close ensures the product you’ve worked so hard to produce is always delivered to the final customer with its structure fully intact and the bag crumb-free.

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sacek Rachat

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