Pristine packaging of frozen raspberries


Packaging fragile frozen fruits, especially raspberries, is one of the most difficult tasks packaging machines face. That’s why Velteko has devoted an enormous amount of time and energy to developing a revolutionary frozen fruit packaging system for its VFFS HSV360-CONTI packaging machine.

Guaranteed minimum product breakege ratio

Thanks to vibrating HS linear dosing weighers, and auger slide inside of the feeding tube, the HSV360-CONTI carefully and consistently packages frozen raspberries with their full structural integrity intact. The success of this unique system has contributed to Velteko achieving a legendary “breakage-free” status in the global packaging industry and allowed them to meet and exceed the needs of demanding frozen fruit companies, such as Elixir Food. Elixir Food is one of the largest producers and exporters of frozen fruit in Serbia with strict requirements for achieving a minimum level of damage during high-speed packaging.


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