Velteko in the world of coffee and tea packaging

Velteko, a European manufacturer of vertical packaging machines and packaging lines, offers far more than just attractive packaging, which is responsible for up to 35% of purchase decisions. Provide your end customers with interesting and also uniquely tasteful products, thanks to individualized packaging Velteko offers far more than just attractive packaging.

We allow you to preserve the natural flavor of your coffee with Velteko bags fitted with internal valves

Internal valves are mainly used for the packaging of beans and ground coffee. When packaging commodities, which characteristically emit excessive gas and increase pressure inside the bag, Velteko advises its customers to use one-way valve systems that maintain positive pressure in the bag. Therefore, rupture and the consequent damage to the packaged product‘s structure is avoided. The valve prevents air from leaking inside the package, allowing the coffee to create its own protective atmosphere. As a result, consumers experience its natural aroma.

Discover the advantages of internal valves applied with the ultrasound method on Velteko vertical packaging machines:

- Package up to 80 bags/min.
- High-tech and reliable


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