Velteko reinforces its “Vertical Versatility” solutions in local markets


VELTEKO, the European manufacturer of vertical packaging machines and packaging lines, had a great start to 2016 by holding the first „Vertical Versatility“ Workshop on January 28th for its global Distributor network. 

The goal of the workshop was to deliver more value to Velteko customers around the world by providing the Velteko Distributor network with technical information on the vertical packaging process and conducting “hands on” training on Velteko machines.

Distributors from North America, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Croatia, the Netherlands and France were among workshop attendees for this educational event held at Velteko Headquarters in the Czech Republic. 

Through a series of technical presentations in the first half of the day, attendees gained valuable insights into the versatile operation of Velteko machines and how Velteko engineers approach the vertical packaging process. A tour of the Velteko factory and hands-on training on Velteko machines were given in the second half of the day to further familiarize Distributors with the construction and operation of Velteko machines. 

Thanks to their attendance at this workshop, Velteko’s worldwide Distributor network is now better armed to solve the needs and requirements of their customers by having a better understanding of Velteko vertical packaging machines and their versatile packaging solutions.  In the end, it’s local customers that will benefit.

We want our distributors to feel as passionately about our business as we do.

Think Vertically
Petr Hrdina, Managing Director


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