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TWIN execution of case packers

Case packer of bags for food packing Case packers for group packaging of bags (laying position) into cardboard boxes by using two vacuum transfer heads

  • Bag infeed from two different packaging machines at one time (two independent input conveyors)
  • TWIN case packer can load one bag type (1 case erector and 1 case closing machine) or two different bags  (2 carton erectors and 2 case closing machines) at one time
  • Space efficient and lower price in compared to 2 single case packers
  • One single point control system for both case packers

Technical parameters

Example of technical parameters:

Box sizes (w x l x h)max. 400 x 600 x 600 mm
Speed of machine*1
Quantity of bags taken at one time2x (1–6) bags
Number of placementsmax. 2 x 28 placements/min
Load of one headmax. 5 kg

The particular case packer will be built based on the specification of requested parameters.

*1) Maximal speed of case packer (bags placed within a minute in cardboard box) depends on the quantity of bags taken at one time by the transfer heads and on quantity of moves (placements) of the transfer heads.


Twin case packers

Twin case packers for group packing of bags in laying position

Twin case packers for placing of bags in laying position into carton boxes are used for group packing of bags into cartons. The bags are taken from packaging machines into the case packer by conveyors and after that they are placed singly or in more pieces flatwise into cartons by rotary transfer heads.

5 reasons why to have Twin case packers

The including of twin case packers into packaging lines is very effective – a twin case packer processes bags from two packaging machines at once and so the demand on its operation is reduced.  For example, in a plant, where four packaging machines with speed of 60 bags in minute reached by each machine accompanied by twin case packers are, the machines operation can be ensured by two people instead of initial eight people only. In multi-shift plants the efficiency of their use multiply grows.

Twin execution of case packers means that one case packer is equipped with two entry conveyors for feeding of bags and so packs bags from two packaging machines at one time. Design of case packers TWIN brings big space saving in plants and as well costs savings in comparison with two single case packers. The twin case packers are cheaper thanks to one common controlling system and simpler mechanical design of machine.

Twin case packer speeds up and eases work – any physically demanding and monotonous placing of bags into cartons more, but quick group packing of bags into cartons!

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