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Packaging machine dosers

Dosers are peripheral, but necessary, devices which are used with packaging machines. They reliably fill bags with product before the upper part of the bags are sealed or closed by the baggers.

Dosers handle products carefully, are adjustable, and are easy to maintain and clean. There are three types of dosers: Volumetric dosers (friction or flap), Screw dosers (especially suitable for powdered goods) and Dosing Weighers (vibratory, belt and multihead). Volumetric dosers include special dosers for sauerkraut and liquids. Dosing machines are supplied as peripheral equipment for packaging machines, or as separate devices, and feed products into lidded boxes (e.g. washing powder), plastic buckets, large bags, etc.

 Download Dosing devices datasheet (512.6 KB, PDF)

  • DOT Volumetric Frictional Doser

    Frictional filler for volumetric dosing of non abrasive food

    Automatic DOT volumetric frictional dosers are used for dosing non-abrasive fine pieced product into bags, sacks, boxes, etc. – coffee beans, rice, candies, etc.

    • Dosed volumes up to 1,700 cm3
    • Maximum speed of 140 doses/min.
    • Comes with a hood as standard equipment
    • Optional adjustment of dose from packaging                 machine´s display
    • Optional duplex operation - DOT3D

    More information about doser

  • DOK Volumetric Flap Doser

    Volumetric flap filler for dosing of loose products

    Automatic DOK volumetric flap dosers are for dosing abrasive products into bags, boxes, etc. – Sugar, salt, etc.

    • Dosed volumes of up to 8,810 cm3
    • Maximum speed of 100 doses/min.
    • Comes with a hood as standard equipment
    • Optional adjustment of dose from packaging                 machine´s display

    More information about doser

  • DOS Auger Filler

    Auger doser for volumetric dosing of powders

    DOS automatic auger doser is used for dosing powders into bags, boxes, etc. – milled spices, milled coffee, cappuccino, dried cream, flour mixes, instant drinks,…

    • Optional servo-driven dosing auger (DOS2B)
    • Maximum speed of 100 doses/min.
    • Additional accessories – auger feeder, inert gas dosing, forced closing of filling tube, tube ventilation
    • Optional duplex operation - DOS3D

    More information about doser

  • DS1A and DS7 Sauerkraut Doser and DS8 Liquid Doser

    Dosing machine for packaging machine for dosing of sauerkraut and pickle

    Volumetric dosing of sauerkraut and liquid into bags, buckets, etc.

    • Stainless steel construction
    • DS1A Filler – range of doses 300 – 1,000 g (without liquid)
    • DS7 Filler – range of doses 3,000 – 5,000 g (without liquid)
    • Maximum speed for DS1A + DS8 fillers – 40 doses/min. (500 g)
    • Maximum speed for DS7 + DS8 filling devices – 10 doses min. (5000 g)

    More information about doser

  • HS line of Vibratory Weighers

    Vibratory dosing weigher for dosing of fine pieced goods prior its packing into bags

    HS vibratory dosing weighers are used for lightweight loose and fine pieced products – pasta, spices, pet food, dried fruit, tea, frozen products, grated cheese, glass beads, etc.

    More information about doser

  • HS.P.A Belt Dosing Weighers

    Belt dosing scale for accurate dosing prior its packing

    HS.P.A belt dosing weigher for dosing pieced products (granulates) such as pet food, wooden pellets, feed mixtures, plastics,...

    • Ideal for big volume dosing (10–60 dm3)
    • Modular construction for multi-line installations
    • Easy operation using a full-color touch screen
    • Small footprint
    • Maximum speed of 10 doses/min

    More information about doser

  • HS.S1A Weigher with auger doser

    Auger dosing weigher for weigh dosing of powders

    The HS.S1A auger dosing weigher is used for dosing powders into bags, sacks, buckets, boxes, etc. – Milled spices, milled coffee, cappuccino, dried cream, flour mixes, instant drinks, etc.

    • Weight dosing of powders with unstable powder density
    • Ideal solution for dosing powders in large doses (5–40 dm3)
    • Guaranteed accuracy including the first and last doses
    • Possibility of weight dosing, volumetric dosing, or both
    • Maximum speed with weight dosing – 10 wpm

    More information about doser

  • YAMATO Multihead Weighers

    Multi-head weigher Yamato for dosing of food

    YAMATO multihead scales for dosing small pieced products into bags, sacks, etc. – Candy, chips, pet food, vegetable pieces, pastries, frozen products, vegetable mixes and salads, grated cheese, meat products, etc.

    • Maximum speed of 300 wpm

    More information about doser

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