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DOS Auger Filler

Auger doser for volumetric dosing of powders

DOS automatic auger doser is used for dosing powders into bags, boxes, etc. – milled spices, milled coffee, cappuccino, dried cream, flour mixes, instant drinks,…

  • Optional servo-driven dosing auger (DOS2B)
  • Maximum speed of 100 doses/min.
  • Additional accessories – auger feeder, inert gas dosing, forced closing of filling tube, tube ventilation
  • Optional duplex operation - DOS3D

Dosed commodities

Auger filler for dosing of milled spices, powdered food, products and chemicals – suitable for all packaging machines.

Ground spices – pepper, red pepper, curry, chilli…
Powdered drinks – ground coffee, cacao, cappuccino, chocolate, dry milk and cream…
Food in powder – flour, mashed potatoes, dumplings, custard, ice team, baking powders...
Powders – building chemistry, jointing material, dental powder, disinfection chemistry, powdered fertilizers...

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