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HS.P.A Belt Dosing Weighers

Belt dosing scale for accurate dosing prior its packing

HS.P.A belt dosing weigher for dosing pieced products (granulates) such as pet food, wooden pellets, feed mixtures, plastics,...

  • Ideal for big volume dosing (10–60 dm3)
  • Modular construction for multi-line installations
  • Easy operation using a full-color touch screen
  • Small footprint
  • Maximum speed of 10 doses/min
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Dosed commodities

Belt dosing weighers for dosing of petfood, vegetace, granulates, pieced products and wooden pellets into bags, sacks, buckets etc. – suitable for all intermittently working machines.

Diced vegetable – carrot, celery, parsley, red pepper, cucumber, courgettes…
Pet food and animal food – pet food, bird-seed, fodder for fish, forage mixtures…
Granulates – chemical fertilizers, plastic granules...
Small pieced products – wooden pellets

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