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DS1A and DS7 Sauerkraut Doser and DS8 Liquid Doser

Dosing machine for packaging machine for dosing of sauerkraut and pickle

Volumetric dosing of sauerkraut and liquid into bags, buckets, etc.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • DS1A Filler – range of doses 300 – 1,000 g (without liquid)
  • DS7 Filler – range of doses 3,000 – 5,000 g (without liquid)
  • Maximum speed for DS1A + DS8 fillers – 40 doses/min. (500 g)
  • Maximum speed for DS7 + DS8 filling devices – 10 doses min. (5000 g)

Dosed commodities

Fillers for accurate dosing of sauerkraut and sliced vegetace – suitable expecially for packaging machines HSV 81, HSV 101B FLEXIBLE a HSV 52.

Sliced cabbage and vegetable – Sauerkraut, blanched cabbage and sliced marinated vegetable...

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