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DOT Volumetric Frictional Doser

Frictional filler for volumetric dosing of non abrasive food

Automatic DOT volumetric frictional dosers are used for dosing non-abrasive fine pieced product into bags, sacks, boxes, etc. – coffee beans, rice, candies, etc.

  • Dosed volumes up to 1,700 cm3
  • Maximum speed of 140 doses/min.
  • Comes with a hood as standard equipment
  • Optional adjustment of dose from packaging                 machine´s display
  • Optional duplex operation - DOT3D

Dosed commodities

Volumetric frictional dosing device DOT for dosing of coffee beans, pulses, rice, Cannes – suitable for all packaging machines.

Coffee beans
Pulses and non-milled grain – peas, lentils, beans, rice, groats

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