Standup Pouch

winning packaging

13years of doypack experience

16variations of doypack bags on one machine

100doypack bags per minute

Why choose Velteko packaging machines for doypack bags? Global brands are already using VELTEKO vertical packing machines for packing their premium pieced products and powdered products into doypack bags and doypack zip bags, such as cereals, coffee, biscuits, nuts, chips, cheese and many others.

VELTEKO’s winning doypack combination of versatility, speed, good looks, high quality seals, and vertical doypack solution experience ensure you’re able to quickly adapt to changing market conditions, bring a high quality and good looking doypack bags to store shelves. The advanced technology found in every VELTEKO doypack bag packing machine allows them to reach the highest speeds found in the industry!

VELTEKO machines reaffirm you’ve not only made the most intelligent choice for packaging your products in doypack bags, but also the safest choice for your company.

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