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We‘re a stable and steadily growing company, which is a professional partner for many prestigious companies throughout the world. We deliver high-tech, individual, efficient, reliable and versatile solutions that answer current and future requests from the market.

25years experience on global market


35countries of the world

"For more than 25 years, we’ve been on a journey to perfect the vertical packaging machine process. From the very beginning, when we had no production facilities or personnel, our strategy was to produce high-tech, high quality packaging machines. Our goal was to offer our clients customized, efficient and reliable solutions. Over time, demands from the Czechoslovakian market were constantly increasing. Concurrently, there was also a growing demand for our products abroad. It was then when we decided to establish subsidiaries in Russia and Poland in order to get closer to our customers", says Managing Director and Commercial Director Ing. Petr Hrdina.

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