Streamline ultrasonic technology

VELTEKO’s "Streamline ultrasonic technology" is a completely new solution for the ultrasonic sealing of the longitudinal edges of standup pouches and bags with sealed edges that are formed on VELTEKO HSV280B and HSV360A vertical packaging machines. It's the ideal solution for packaging large pieced and fragile products.

STREAMLINE ultrasonic technology is designed so a single device can be used with multiple filling tubes of different shapes. It can also be subsequently applied to older VELTEKO packaging machines, thus significantly increasing their value.

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Relatively flat bags can also be created using circular or oval filling tubes, which significantly reduce the risk of products getting trapped in the hopper or filling tube.

STREAMLINE contributes to VELTEKO machines achieving high speed with high-quality seals, while requiring less energy than traditional solutions.

When creating longitudinal edges with "Streamline ultrasonic technology", VELTEKO machines can even operate in continuous mode while applying modifications to the bags such as Cut out Zip, Ultra Zip, Euroslot and Carry handle.

Main benefits

Maximum forming tube throughput - edges are formed on circular or oval filling tubes
Min. risk of damaging fragile products - same drop height as machinery that produces pillow bags
Extremely attractive bags due to high quality seals
Maximum speed of 110 bags a minute
One STREAMLINE device for multiple filling tubes
No increase in machine footprint
Energy efficient
Streamline ultrasonic technology

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