Coffee packaging

Since coffee characteristically emits excessive gas and increase pressure inside your bags, which have adverse affects on the contents, Velteko advises its customers to use one-way valve systems that maintain positive pressure in the bag. 

Velteko’s evolutionary VERSATILE-280 is one of the most requested Velteko vertical packaging machines by coffee producers thanks to its extraordinary price/performance ratio. 

Your fastest choice for packaging ground coffee

The DUPLEX-360 breaks the vertical packaging sound barrier for the creation and filling of bags with ground coffee, attaining speeds up to 360 bags / min with its double tube continuous motion packaging process!  In addition, its industry leading versatility allows it to create the popular pillow bag and three side seals bag that perfectly fit to the needs of coffee and tea producers.  They also allow for the use of a variety of Velteko applicators that extend the functionality of your bags. 

The double tube DUPLEX-360,  makes use of a DOT 3D friction duplex doser for packaging coffee beans and the DOS3D duplex auger doser for packaging ground coffee.

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