10 reasons to choose VELTEKO packaging machines with STREAMLINE


Are you looking for a machine to package your fragile products, but are limited with height restrictions for your packaging machine line? Do you need to pack larger pieced products into narrow bags, but your existing line is not equipped for this operation?

VELTEKO vertical packaging machines with STREAMLINE ultrasonic sealing technology will meet all of your requirements.

What benefits will this new technology bring to you?

1. Packing of larger pieced products into the relatively narrow "Quad seal" bags, due to the maximum forming tube throughput.

2. Damage to fragile products is minimized, due to the low drop height of the packaging machine.

3. Same height of the packaging machine for creating all types of bags.

4. Possibility of creating "Doypack" and "Quad seal" bags.

5. Extremely attractive bags thanks to quality seals on the edges.

6. STREAMLINE equipment does not increase the footprint of the packaging machine.

7. Only one STREAMLINE device for multiple filling tubes.

8. Maximum speed of up to 110 bags/min.

9. Requires less electricity, due to low energy consumption of the equipment.

10. Save packaging film, due to easy setup when switching to different packaging formats.



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