13 Years of Doypack Experience

VELTEKO Doypack Kampan072018 web obr 2 556x675

Thirteen years. That’s the amount of time VELTEKO have been refining and perfecting the vertical forming, filling and sealing of doypack bags on their industry-leading packaging machines. VELTEKO machines are now considered one of the most advanced VFFS packaging machines for doypack bags on the world market!

16 doypack bag variations on one machine

As the advanced operational processes and technical features found on today’s VELTEKO packaging machines are now in their thirteenth year of development, you’re provided with market leading doypack bag versatility that allows for the creation of more than 16 doypack bag variations on one machine, with many bag modification options available, like zippers, flaps, carry handles, advertising tapes, internal valves, and labels.

up to 100 doypack bags per minute

And to ensure you’re able to meet the increasing consumer demand for your packaged products, VELTEKO has designed its machines with high speed in mind. In fact, VELTEKO doypack machines can form, fill and seal up to 100 doypack bags per minute! Due to this reliable and efficient high speed operation, you’re able to satisfy market demand in the fastest and most efficient manner.

VELTEKO’s VFFS machines package a wide range of large/small pieced and powdered products into doypack bags, such as coffee, tea, biscuits, bakery products, nuts, frozen foods, frozen raspberries, spices, dried fruits, snacks, and many more. If the range of your packaged products diversifies in the future, you can rest assured that your VELTEKO packaging machine will adapt to your changing needs.

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But the advantages of VELTEKO vertical machines don’t stop there! They also offer advanced film sealing technologies, which consist of mechanical processes that create the best looking seals in the industry on doypack bags, especially in continuous operation mode. This even includes the crossing point of the zipper with the side seal. It’s already widely accepted that VELTEKO machines create the smoothest, most blemish-free, and best looking zipper seals on the world market!


And for the last thirteen years, VELTEKO have developed and delivered a wide range of doypack solutions to major food manufacturers, such as Nestle, Dare Foods, and Sante, to name a few. All were convinced of the quick return on investment VELTEKO machines provide due to their high quality, robust durability and extended service life.

VELTEKO’s winning doypack combination of versatility, speed, good looks, high quality seals, and doypack solution experience ensure you’re able to quickly adapt to changing market conditions, bring a high quality and good looking doypack bag to store shelves, and produce bags quickly enough to satisfy market demand. Taken together, VELTEKO machines reaffirm you’ve not only made the most intelligent choice for packaging your products in doypack bags, but also the safest choice for your company.

Trust in the time proven doypack advantages and proven value that VELTEKO vertical packaging machines deliver and make 13 your new lucky number!

VELTEKO Doypack Kampan072018 web obr 2 556x675

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