Proven reliability of VELTEKO packaging machines

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Reliability and a long service life are two of the most important qualities for packaging machines to possess. VELTEKO are well aware of this fact and have consistently focused on research & development, world-class engineering, use of high quality components from well-known manufacturers and delivery of custom packaging solutions to ensure their vertical packaging machines excel in these two areas.  In addition, they actively gather and analyze feedback from their wide customer base to increase the operational efficiency of their machines.

As a result, VELTEKO machines have proven to be some of the most reliable and longest lasting in the industry

In fact, the total number of problem-free VELTEKO machines around the world are continuing to rise year-on-year, while on-location service calls are drastically decreasing.  Dataservice, an online tool that analyzes VELTEKO machine operation, has also contributed to their growing trouble-free status.

VELTEKO vertical packaging machines are your reliable and long-term partner for helping ensure the success of your business.

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EW7B8336 2

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