The main idea behind „A STEP AHEAD, A STEP INSIDE“


"The basic principle is intricately woven together in simple and easy to understand symbolism that’s based on our technological advantages, research & development, innovation and high quality work. Most of these key characteristics are not just about our products. They are inscribed in the very DNA of Velteko.

We fundamentally conclude that the key cannot be seen by the naked eye. It‘s hidden from view. No matter if we speak about the machine itself or the team of people who create the resulting product and technology. At Interpack 2017, we will take you on journey to discover the intangible qualities of our new technologies and expose the very „heart“ of our machines. "


The most amazing part is the physical and functional representation of the heart. It is not only a perfect reflection of the basic idea, but is also a beautiful example of the fervor and enthusiasm new technology is created in the heart of VELTEKO in Vlasim, Czech Republic.

Marek Říha, Insidea Creative s.r.o.

Discover the heart of our machines at Interpack 2017!


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