VELTEKO at Expo Pack Guadalajara 2017 in México

HSV 360 Series png

Recently, Alliedflex and Velteko exhibited at Expo Pack Guadalajara 2017 in Mexico. This successful exhibition demonstrated the HSV360 Stand-up Pouch with Zipper.  

Prior to the event, there was a considerable amount of groundwork, which contributed to a positive result at the show beyond the normal floor layouts, booth design and logistics.  The additional preparation included qualifying a film that would clearly demonstrate the capability of Velteko to form the best stand-up pouch possible. AlliedFlex ran multiple tests with three different Film Suppliers to improve on film structure and jointly the HSV360 was fine tuned.

Equally important was the promotional media utilized at Expo Pack 2017. AlliedFlex promoted the participation by visiting customers the week prior to show hand delivering passes, a strong advertisement was used with the show magazine and finally an email campaign was daily used to inform customers.

As a result, the exhibition doubled the amount of inquiries from previous shows in Mexico and many new and different companies were introduced to Velteko. 

HSV 360 Series png

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