VELTEKO packaging machines deliver higher profits to its customers!


The effectiveness of VELTEKO packaging machines has been proven once again by one of India's leading candy manufacturers, Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale. Investing in a new VELTEKO packaging machine is not only a guarantee of problem-free operation in the long run, but also higher profits!

The cost of creating 1 pouch by Chitali has been reduced by about 30% thanks to its new packaging machine from VELTEKO!

Doypack „zip“ pouches, made by the HSV360A vertical packaging machine, have greatly enhanced the presentation of its „Bakarwadi“ product, which has become an icon of the company!

Chitale Indraneel, CEO (Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale):

"Velteko machine fits our ethos perfectly as we can achieve what we intend to. Bakarwadi being our key product, Velteko machine has immense value to us. Its reliability is assuring to the management knowing that the key product will always be available."


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