Why the „HEART“ of VELTEKO vertical packaging machines?

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Why is a heart the symbol of VELTEKO‘s vertical packaging machines?

"We build machines with an excellent technical solution, which we consider the heart of the machine. Completely new technologies and designs are a reflection of the work we do from our heart, with a passion and a view to achieving best possible result. We also take this heart felt approach with our business partners, customers, employees and suppliers.“

Ing. Petr Hrdina, Commercial Director at VELTEKO

A symbol of courage, confidence and openness 

"For me, the heart is above all a symbol of courage. Courage is necessary in life to ensure we depart from familiar trails that lead to comfortable destinations and try something new. Years ago, we left big factories and were destitute. We were only armed with our knowledge and experience. Then we started manufacturing packaging machines and laid the foundation for VELTEKO - something we would have never done without courage.

Courage is also required for us to design new features of our machines. Only then can we be first to push the boundaries of what is considered possible for packaging machines. Anyone who compares our machine with competing machines will find that many of our essential design solutions are original and not copied from other manufacturers. We have our own philosophy and go our own way. Is that not considered courage? "

The heart is for me is a symbol of reliability and responsiveness, i.e. properties that may not be visible at first glance. This is true both in humans and in the products we purchase. When considering a product on the surface, we only gain superficial knowledge. If we want to know more, we must attempt to understand its essence. We have to dig deeper. We have to discover its "heart". "

Our heart also means that we love what we do. It expresses the possibility of a harmonious combination of classic mechanics and computer control, with the universal goodness that the symbol of a heart represents. "

Ing. Frantisek Smid, Technical Director at VELTEKO 

"What is important is not visible to the eyes. We tell our customers that many machines may initially look the same, but what is most important is inside of them. Quality, stability, robustness, long service life. At first glance, they are nowhere to be seen. "

Jan Mleziva, Export Sales at VELTEKO


A superior mechanism resides Inside of our machines. We want to express with our heart that a great amount of progress has been made within the machine, especially in regards to its mechanical operation."

Pavel Bouška, Export Sales at VELTEKO



„We breathe life into our machines.“

Pavel Švec, Designer at VELTEKO 

srdce final druhy pohled

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