Create and Close machine


The modular construction of Velteko’s US-100 Create & Close vertical packaging machine make it the best choice for packaging a wide range of your products into more than 120 different types of bags.

The US-100 quickly adapts to the evolving needs of your company and the constant changes in the market. It addresses all of your current and future packaging needs, making it a smart investment and “future-proof” solution.


Packaging fragile products

The US-100 Create & Close machine series is your best choice for packaging fragile products with a guaranteed low breakage ratio that‘s 90% better than standard tubes. A minimum falling height of 360mm ensures your easily breakable products (such as frozen fruits) retain their full structural integrity. 

Product mixes

A wide range of dosers on one machine allows you to create your own mix of products in individual packages.

More than 120 different bag types

See what one machine can do! Due to its modular construction, the US-100 “Create and Close” Series is able to handle up to 120 different types of bags with the possibility to fold the upper weld. Five types of reclosing systems, including the Tin Tie reclosable strip, allow for the quick and easy reclosing of bags.

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Pirouette pouch

Get your bag to stand out from the competition and dance its way into consumers‘ hearts! The patented, spiral shaped „Pirouette Pouch“ stand-up bag will support the presentation of your product on the shelves. Its unusual and playful shape will arouse the curiosity of both children and adults alike. It also offers a large printable area for featuring your compelling marketing message.

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With "Scan & Go", the packaging machine selects the correct saved parameters for creating the desired bag type and sets both the ideal positioning of the sensors and ideal positioning of the film. Through the use of barcodes, you save time and minimize machine operator errors when switching to a different bag format.

Remote communication with your machine

  • For remote communication between the machine and the user and/or between the machine and the VELTEKO Service Department

  • Full monitoring of machine use and its technical status from any place in the world that has access to the internet.

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Ease of Operation

Intuitive control processes and a large color touch screen with easily identifiable graphics assure user-friendly operation for reliable and efficient production. Industrial PC includes a full color touch screen, easy to understand graphics, that allows the operator to easily adjust machine parameters, and adaptation into your local language.

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Healthy machine. Healthy profits.

Complete factory service before and after the sale, coupled with worldwide warranty service and preventive inspections, ensure trouble-free machine operation. Advanced technology, in-house R&D and the use of branded, high quality components contribute to industry leading reliability and durability.

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Max. bag volume 3 liitres  
Min. dimension of bag bottom 60 x 40 mm 2.36 x 1.57 in
Max. dimension of bag bottom 140 x 100 mm 5.51 x 3.94 in
Max. bag height 330 mm 12.99 in
Max. film width 650 mm 25.59 in
Electricity 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz 3 x 400 V / 60 Hz
Consumption 5 kWh*  
Air pressure 0.6 MPa  
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