vertical packaging machine designed for packaging snacks

Tight and good-looking seals

820mm machine width

Maxi speed of 400bags/min (TWIN) 

SLIM-280 series of vertical packaging machines is specially designed for packaging snacks and small- pieced products into pillow bags. It delivers the highest possibility of optimizing all necessary conditions for creating high-quality seals at high speed.

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The SLIM-TWIN series of vertical packaging machines achieves a maximum output of up to 400 bags/min on a small footprint.

Tight and good-looking seals at high speed

The compact SLIM series offers the perfect solution when it comes to packaging snacks and small-pieced products in high-quality pillow bags.

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Extend the functionality of your pillow bags

Choose a functional package for your product. VELTEKO modifications extend the functionality of your exclusive pillow bags created on VELTEKO vertical packaging machines.


We know how important space is to our customers in the snack industry. Therefore, we paid careful attention to reducing the width and overall footprint of the machine.

In the single version, the width of the machine is only 820 mm.


  • With "Scan & Go" you save time and minimize operator error when switching to a different bag format.

  • When you scan the code, the machine will automatically load the correct settings, reset the sensor and position the film.

Remote communication with your machine

  • For remote communication between the machine and the user and/or between the machine and the VELTEKO Service Department

  • Full monitoring of machine use and its technical status from any place in the world that has access to the internet.

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Versatile Technology Plus

The innovative design of VT+ simplify unwinding and changing of lead foil format. It reduces demands on the skill of the operator and the time required for machine changeovers without impacting performance, reliability and long service life.

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Ease of Operation

Intuitive control processes and a large color touch screen with easily identifiable graphics assure user-friendly operation for reliable and efficient production. Industrial PC includes a full color touch screen, easy to understand graphics, that allows the operator to easily adjust machine parameters, and adaptation into your local language.

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Healthy machine. Healthy profits.

Complete factory service before and after the sale, coupled with worldwide warranty service and preventive inspections, ensure trouble-free machine operation. Advanced technology, in-house R&D and the use of branded, high quality components contribute to industry leading reliability and durability.

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New designation SLIM-280-A-CONTI SLIM-280-A-CONTI-TWIN
Method of operation Continuous Continuous
Speed up to 200 bags/min up to 400 bags/min
Maximum width of bag 280 mm 280 mm
Maximum width of foil roll 600 mm 2 x 600 mm
Electricity 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
Air pressure 0.6 MPa
Dimensions 820 x 2 815 x 1 600 mm 1 640 x 2 815 x 1 600 mm
Construction material Stainless steel
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