One machine for you current and future needs

Maximum speed of 200bags/min

5 - 45 minute changeover time between bags

Up to20l capacity bags 

The VERSATILE-360 (HSV360A) series of VELTEKO vertical packaging machines will be your long-term and reliable partner. You'll be able to quickly respond to the changing demands and challenges of the market thanks to its versatility, high speed and ability to create more than 100 types of bags

VERSATILE 360 473x710

5 - 45 min Unbelievably fast changeovers

The efficient, modular construction of the VELTEKO VERSATILE vertical packaging machines allows for quick and extremely easy changeovers between different types of bags. It can be carried out within 5 - 45 minutes!

DOYPACK BAG packaging machine

VELTEKO’s sophisticated doypack packing machines are designed and optimized for the vertical forming, filling and sealing (VFSS) of doypack bag, doypack zip, and other doy style stand up pouches.

- Attractive doypack bags with extended practicality 
- Speeds up to 100 bags per minute
5 – 45 min changeovers to doypack bags
- More than 16 variants of doypack bags

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Extend the functionality of your bags

Choose a functional package for your product. VELTEKO modifications extend the functionality of your exclusive standup pouches and other types of bags.


With "Scan & Go", the packaging machine selects the correct saved parameters for creating the desired bag type and sets both the ideal positioning of the sensors and ideal positioning of the film. Through the use of barcodes, you save time and minimize machine operator errors when switching to a different bag format.

Remote communication with your machine

  • For remote communication between the machine and the user and/or between the machine and the VELTEKO Service Department

  • Full monitoring of machine use and its technical status from any place in the world that has access to the internet.

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1 machine for more than 100 different bag types

See what one machine can do! Thanks to the unique versatility of the VERSATILE-360 (HSV360) series, one vertical packaging machine can create more than 100 bag types! It allows you to accommodate any new requirements dictated by a rapidly evolving market.

the power of versatility

Ease of Operation

Intuitive control processes and a large color touch screen with easily identifiable graphics assure user-friendly operation for reliable and efficient production. Industrial PC includes a full color touch screen, easy to understand graphics, that allows the operator to easily adjust machine parameters, and adaptation into your local language.

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Healthy machine. Healthy profits.

Complete factory service before and after the sale, coupled with worldwide warranty service and preventive inspections, ensure trouble-free machine operation. Advanced technology, in-house R&D and the use of branded, high quality components contribute to industry leading reliability and durability.

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Advanced large pieced & fragile product packaging

VELTEKO’s  “Streamline ultrasonic technology“ is ideal for packaging large pieced and fragile products into bags with the ultrasonic sealing of the longitudinal reinforced edges on low height machines. 

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Old designation HSV360B-STEP HSV360-CONTI
Number of tubes 1 1
Operating mode  Intermittent Continuous
Max. practical speed  up to 100 bags/min. up to 200 bags/min.
Max. width of bag 360 mm 360 mm
Max. dose volume up to 20 l up to 20 l
Max. width of foil roll  800 mm 800 mm
Electricity 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
Air pressure 0.6 MPa

1 472 mm
2 385 mm
1 930 mm

1 472 mm
2 385 mm
1 930 mm

Construction material Stainless steel
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