Doypack Stand up pouch bag

Winning packaging with VELTEKO vertical machines

13years of doypack bag experience

16stand up pouch variations on 1 machine

5-45changeovers to doypack pouch

100stand up bags a minute

Many leading food manufacturers on the world market are already using VELTEKO VFFS packaging machines to pack their small / large pieced and powdered products into stand up pouches and stand up pouches with zipper.

Discover why Velteko's VFFS packaging machines

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Food packaging

Coffee Tea Cookies and Biscuits Candy Bakery products
Nuts, grains and seeds Chips Cereals Frozen food (Raspberries) Dried fruits
Snacks Powders Sugar and salt Petfood Fertilizers
and many other products...

Attractive doypack bags with extended practicality

Maximize your potential sales with doypack bags and doypack bags with zippers made by VELTEKO vertical packing machines. Their attractive, yet practical, high-quality stand up pouch design highlights your premium products on store shelves.

Up to 100 stand up bags a minute

The advanced packaging technology found on VELTEKO packaging machines allows you to achieve the highest performance found on the vertical packaging machine market, up to 100 stand up pouches a minute.

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5 - 45 min to doypack pouches

Thanks to incredibly easy and fast machine changeovers from one bag type to another, you achieve higher productivity due to a more efficient use of time when packing into doypack bags. Only 5 - 45 minutes!

More than 16 variants of doypack stand up pouches

Doypack pouches can be equipped with a variety of modifications, or combination of modifications, to create more than 16 variants of doypack stand up bags on one machine! The versatility of VELTEKO pouch packing machines allows your machine to not only adapt to current market demands, but also to your individual technical requirements now and in the future.

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Future-proof packaging solution

VELTEKO vertical forming, filling and sealing packaging machines are considered to be among the most powerful and reliable vertical packaging machines and doypack machines on the world market and ensure a quick return on your investment!

Doypack bag dimensions

HSV 280 Vertical Packaging Machine HSV 360 Vertical Packaging Machine HSV 440 Vertical Packaging Machine
X 80–250 mm X 80–280 mm X 120–380 mm
Y 120–230 mm Y 120–300 mm Y 120–380 mm
Z 40–90 mm Z 40–100 mm Z 52–100 mm
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