Pirouette Pouch


"Pirouette Pouch” is a patented, spiral-shaped standup pouch that breathes life into the presentation of your product on store shelves. Its unusual and playful design arouses curiosity in children and adults alike and a large area on the front of the bag makes your advertising message stand out.

Don’t "just" have your bag stand out from the crowd, give it the means to dance its way into consumers‘ hearts!

Advantages of the spiral shaped, standup "Pirouette Pouch” created on VELTEKO packaging machines:

  1. A wider cross-section of the filling tube on an VERSATILE-28 (HSV280) vertical packaging machine allows for packaging of bigger doses and even larger dimension pieced goods. 
  2. Thanks to the "Pirouette Pouch" packaging process on specially designed stations of the US 100 Create & Close packaging machine, it is possible to create your own product mixes. 
  3. Another advantage is the low drop height of the US 100, which has a guaranteed friendly approach in the dosing and packaging of fragile commodities.

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