Pirouette Pouch


"Pirouette Pouch” is a patented, spiral-shaped standup pouch that breathes life into the presentation of your product on store shelves. 

The advantages of the "Pirouette Pouch" spiral shaped stand-up pouch, which is created on VELTEKO packaging machines:

- The wider cross-section of the filling tube of the VERSATILE-280 vertical packaging machine allows you to pack bulkier batches of packaged product, even for pieced goods with larger dimensions.
- Thanks to the continuity of the "Pirouette Pouch" bagging process on the US 100 with specially designed stations, it is also possible to create custom product mixes.
- The low drop height of the US 100 guarantees a very gentle dosing and packaging process for fragile commodities.
- Its unusual and playful design arouses curiosity in children and adults alike.
- The large surface area of the bag allows advertising messages to stand out.


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