Spare parts

How do you order spare parts for your VELTEKO machine? 

The most important information to provide when ordering a spare part is the serial number of the machine, which can be found on the nameplate below the main switch.

If the machine’s serial number is > 2787, use detailed spare parts catalog and instructional video supplied with your machine. Order the part in accordance with the part number in the catalogue.

In the event that the machine's serial number is < 2787, spare parts can be found in a standard search of the parts catalog, which is part of the machine’s manual. Alternatively, you can take a picture of the part and identify it with your finger or an arrow. To order a spare part, simply use the order number of the required part.

  Order number
Consumable parts (knives, heaters, etc.) The number should be formatted as x-xxx xxx and is permanently stamped directly on the part
Purchased parts Component name is on the label

It’s important to send the order number together with the machine’s serial number.

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