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For more than a quarter century, we have delivered one of the world’s most versatile vertical packaging machines and packaging machine lines. Going forward, we will continue developing our technology, maintaining the high quality of our machines and offering individually designed packaging solutions for each and every customer.

1991 - Velteko’s founding
Two forward-thinking entrepreneurs, Ing. Petr Hrdina and Ing. Frantisek Smid, had the idea to produce high quality, efficient and reliable packaging machines. April 18, 1991 was the day when the manufacturing company „Hrdina a Smid“ was founded.

1992 - 1993
In 1992, the first HS series linear weighers were developed. The company Velteko Ltd. was established shortly thereafter on July 1, 1992, based on a contract between the original founders and Pavel Chvojka.From the very beginning, research and development were at the forefront of their activities. After leasing its first commercial space, a 12 x 12 meter production hall, the very first HS linear weighers were developed. A year later, the first vertical packaging machine, the HSV 100, was produced.

1996 - 1998
In 1996, VELTEKO successfully completed the first phase of construction on its manufacturing facility, acquired ISO 9001/2000 certification and launched the modernized HSV 101 intermittent vertical packaging machine. Two years later, it introduced the first HSV 200 continuous operation vertical packaging machine.

1999 – 2002
Velteko expanded its international presence with the establishment of subsidiaries in Russia and Poland. In 2001, Velteko made packaging machine history when they were one of the first manufacturers in the world to design and build a dual tube, continuous vertical packaging machine – the HSV 220.

In 2004, which was an important milestone in VELTEKO’s standup pouches history, Velteko started development of doy-style bags on its intermittent vertical packaging machines. To satisfy growing customer demand Velteko started creating standup pouches with zippers on its machines in 2006. Due to demanding market requirements for increased speed of packaging machines in 2008, Velteko started production of standup pouches on its HSV101B-CONTI continuous vertical packaging machine

Another example of the many technological advances made by Velteko since its founding was the leap in 2006 from PLC control systems to industrial computer control systems for its packaging machines.

2010 – 2012
Employing more than 70 employees, Velteko continued to create packaging machines with leading edge technology, top tier performance, intelligent design, quality construction and extreme flexibility. In 2010, it launched its versatile range of HSV 360 vertical packaging machines.

The rapidly increasing success and growth of the company required Velteko to build larger and a new modern administrative buiding in 2012 for their Sales and R&D Department. It continued to increase production and introduced the US 100 Create & Close packaging machine in 2012. Moreover, production started on its range of evolutionary HSV 440 versatile vertical packaging machines.

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The new logo for VELTEKO was launched in January, 2014. It was a visual representation of the continued innovation of VELTEKO vertical machines and the ever-increasing success of the company on a global level. Together with the launch of the new logo, VELTEKO also introduced a new corporate identity design for the brand, a face-lift of the VELTEKO website and a redesign of all company materials.

Furthermore, the new market-inspired and versatile HSV280 vertical packaging machine was introduced that same year.

Velteko had a great start to 2016 by holding its first „Vertical Versatility“ Workshop for its global Distributor network. The goal of the workshop was to deliver more value to Velteko customers around the world by providing the Velteko Distributor network with technical information on the vertical packaging process and conducting “hands on” training on Velteko machines.

2017 was the year when important new technologies were introduced by VELTEKO, and were physically represented as a functional, mechanical heart. Not only did the heart perfectly reflect the basic idea of these technologies, it has also become a shining example of the excitement and enthusiasm with which our technologies emerge. During the next year, VELTEKO acquired quality management system certification in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management System).



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