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Mini baguettes, Croutons and Bread Crumbs packaging

The quality of doypack bags made by VELTEKO vertical packaging machines has far exceeded the expectations of the Canadian company Dare Foods!

Thanks to the versatile design of VELTEKO machines, Dare Foods has achieved high quality, great looking bags that are growing in demand.


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  • The customer’s main requirement was to have a machine that creates high quality bags to attract end consumers, while achieving maximum packaging efficiency.

  • The bag types required were standup bags with sealed edgesstandup pouches and pillow bags.

  • At the same time, Dare Foods emphasized that the machine should allow for simple bag changeovers, as well as operator-friendliness and trouble-free operation.

  • For these reasons, the main characteristic of VELTEKO machines for Dare Foods was their versatility.



Due to the needs of the customer, VELTEKO offered two HSV120-CONTI vertical packaging machines specially configured to create standup pouches, in addition to adapting to the individual technical requirements of the customer and the current needs of the market.



The table above shows the high satisfaction of the customer with both putting the VELTKEKO machines into service and their subsequent operation in the plant. Thanks to the precise design of the machine, all operational parameters were achieved during the functional tests.


  • Investing in VELTEKO vertical packaging machines, rather than horizontal machines, was more advantageous for the customer.

  • 30 minute changeovers from pillow bags to doypack bags.

  • All new Dare Foods products are now packaged in doypack bags.

  • Space savings when packed into doypack bags.

  • All Dare Foods plants send their products to the Sainte-Martine plant for packaging into doypack bags with VELTEKO machines.


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