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We are really proud to have developed a close relationship with our customer Elixir Food, one of the largest producers and exporters of frozen fruit in Serbia.

The customer’s demanding requirements for achieving a minimum level of damage during high-speed packaging of frozen raspberries, which are notorious for being extremely fragile and difficult to package without damaging their structural integrity, were considered from Velteko vertical packaging machine specialists.


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The challenge

The fundamental and most important requirements from the customer regarding new packaging technology, therefore, were

  • to achieve a minimum percentage of damaged raspberries (fractured) that would be packaged in individual consumer-size bags at the desired speed.

  • to abandon their current manual process of packing into pre-made bags and start with fully automatic packaging into sleeve bags formed from a roll of film.


Using extensive experience with packaging frozen fruit, VELTEKO offered Elixir Food following unique VELTEKO versatile packaging line designed especially for dosing and packaging raspberries.

  • Vertical packaging machine HSV360-Conti + Linear dosing weighers HS322 (3 weighing lines),

  • Auger slide inside of the feeding tube as a prevention of the product breakage by falling inside the forming tube when the product slides down on the spiral.

Tested and confirmed results

Elixir Food test results of the Velteko machine after installation in the production line

  • 85.17 % of all doses with product breakage of less then 5 % (between 2.01% - 4.5%).

  • 14.82 % of all doses with product breakage slightly above 5 % (of which 4.94 % have a maximum product breakage of 6.22 %).



  • Easy and pain-free transition from manual to automated packaging.

  • Reduction of Elixir Food‘s packaging crew from 40 to 6 people while achieving greater packaging volume.

  • Creation of small packages without a negative impact on product quality.

  • Packaging of single products weighing from 300 g to 2.5 Kg.

  • Frozen fruit can be packed as single products or as mixes with other small fruits.

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