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Maximum accuracy from the first to last batches

In 2016, the Danish company Kryta decided to invest in a second VELTEKO packaging line. This was due to the need of increasing the capacity of the packaging of their powdered spice mixtures. Compared to their first packaging line from 2008, a new dosing method was chosen - the HS.S1 auger weigher. This doser makes it possible to realize closed system transport of the product to the bag, while maintaining high dosing accuracy.


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Customer requirements

  • Closed system packaging of spice mixtures, which are extremely dusty products.

  • Precise product dosing with smaller and larger volumes (batches).

  • Easy cleaning of the doser.

  • Emphasis on machine life within demanding dusty environments.

  • 2 types of bags: pillow and stand-up bags with folded bottoms.

Delivered solution

HSV360A-CAM vertical packaging machine series with HS.S1 auger weigher, combining volume dosing with weighing.

The HS.S1 dosing scale ensures maximum dosing accuracy by automatically switching the auger doser from volume to weighing mode. Particularly at the beginning and end of the packaging process, the bulk density of the product is unstable. Therefore, it is not possible to achieve satisfactory precision with conventional auger dosing. It is precisely thanks to the use of the weighing mode at these dosing phases, and because of the small batches (100-200 kg), that a significant percentage of losses by the customer is prevented.

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After successful performance tests in January at the VELTEKO factory, VELTEKO technicians, together with technicians from VELTEKO distributor NEMCO, installed the packaging line at the customer's factory in February 2017.


Benefits for the Customer

  • Higher accuracy from the first to last batches.

  • Possibility of packaging smaller batches of 100 - 200 kg.

  • Split hopper ensures quick and easy cleaning of the weigher.

  • Long machine life and reliability in a challenging production environment.


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