Packing of HERBS and TEA




  • To replace manual filling of herbs into bags (followed by putting a bag into a box)

  • To replace the existing packaging machine forming pillow bags - by a new machine forming gusseted bags (more suitable for inserting into boxes)

Packing of herbs and tea challenge marigold flower


  • During manual packaging the customer presses manually the bag contect before sealing

  • It is not possible to make the box (the bag) bigger

  • Column height of most bulky product is 260mm

  • Required column height of a standing bag = 140mm

  • Required column height for forming a top seal = 100mm

Packing of herbs and tea delivered solution machine plan


  • Create and close equipment US 100

  • Using working stations for pressing product in a bag before top sealing

  • 3 stages of pressing:

      • Under the weigher (in general it enables dosing in more steps with pressing)

      • following stations for product pressing and product level fixation

packing mode example pack of sage


Product - sage

Dosing in 2 steps with pressing under the weigher + lowering of product level in following pressing stations

  • Height of free-flowing product = 260mm
    - ½ dose 130mm after pressing under the weigher → 80mm

  • Complete dose after 2nd pressing → 110 – 120mm

  • Complete dose after 3rd pressing → 90 – 100mm

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